Recognize the world around you.

MindOps is the best way to extract data from any image, from packaging to documents to license plates.

Easy to use, astonishingly accurate, and no training required.

From document imaging to satellite imagery.

MindOps excels where traditional OCR fails miserably.

Unprecedented accuracy, even for poor images.

Powered by cutting-edge deep learning research, MindOps has achieved unprecedented accuracy. Unlike other solutions, MindOps can recognize text in real-world images, or even skewed or blurred text on a document.


Designed by developers, for developers.

Integrating traditional OCR software is extremely painful, requiring license keys, SDKs and training.

With MindOps, you can get up and running in seconds. Send an image, get text back. It's that simple.


curl -H "user_key: your-private-user-key" -F
"img=@/path/to/image" ""

Monstrous dataset? Meet massive scale.

MindOps can handle hundreds of queries per second with 1-2 second response times. Built on a distributed Amazon GPU cloud, the MindOps infrastructure is completely elastic and scales accordingly.


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